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XLDFS-001 250ml Black Square Olive Oil Bottle With Pour Spout

XLDFS-001 250ml Black Square Olive Oil Bottle With Pour Spout

XLDFS-001 250ml Black Square Olive Oil Bottle with Pour Spout, a stylish choice for packaging your culinary delights. Crafted from high-quality glass in a sleek black square design, this bottle is ideal for storing and pouring spices, sauces, jams, jellies, and honey. With a 250ml capacity, it's perfect for keeping your kitchen essentials fresh and accessible. You can personalize it with your logo, making it a distinctive addition to your product lineup. Available for OEM/ODM orders and thoughtfully packed in cartons for secure delivery. Elevate your culinary creations with this elegant square bottle. Spice up your offerings with XLDFS-001!

XLDFS-001 250ml Black Square Olive Oil Bottle With Pour Spout Specification

Product Serial Number


Product Name

250ml black square  olive oil bottle with pour spout

Product Grouping (Intended Use)

For Spice And Sauce(jams, jellies, honey)

Product Grouping (size)

200 - 500ml Glass Bottles

Product Grouping (color)

Other Glass Bottles










Spice And Sauce


Customer's Logo Acceptable





What is the best container for storing olive oil?

1. Material

  • Dark Glass: The best option is a dark glass bottle (such as amber or green). Dark glass helps protect the oil from light, which can degrade the quality and cause the oil to become rancid.

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel containers (often called "fustis") are also excellent. They are opaque and do not react with the oil, ensuring longevity and freshness.

  • Ceramic: Ceramic containers can also work well, provided they are opaque and have a good seal.

  • Avoid Plastic and Clear Glass: Plastic can leach chemicals into the oil, and clear glass allows light to penetrate, which can spoil the oil faster.

2. Seal

  • Ensure the container has a tight-sealing lid or cap. Oxygen exposure can oxidize olive oil, leading to rancidity.

3. Size

  • Use a container size that matches your usage rate. If you consume olive oil slowly, opt for smaller containers to limit the oil's exposure to air over time.

4. Storage Environment

  • Regardless of the container, always store olive oil in a cool, dark place, such as a pantry or cupboard away from the stove and direct sunlight.

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