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Xuzhou Sheenland Glass Products Co., Ltd.

OEM Glass Bottles and Jars

What Can You Get From Sheenland OEM Service?

Custom Glass Container Design

Custom Glass Container Design: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for glass containers often begin with the design phase. You would work closely with the manufacturer to create a unique and customized glass bottle or jar design to meet your specific requirements, such as size, shape, and functionality.

Printing Options

Printing Options: Glass containers can be customized with various printing methods, including silk-screen printing, hot stamping, decals, and direct printing. Each method offers different levels of detail and durability, so you can choose the one that best suits your branding needs.

Color Options

Color Options: OEM services often include the ability to choose from a range of colors for the glass, such as clear, amber, green, or blue. The choice of color can influence the final appearance of the container and complement your branding.

Labeling and Embossing

Labeling and Embossing: Some manufacturers offer additional options like label application and embossing for a more intricate and tactile branding effect. Labels can be applied to the glass containers after printing, and embossing adds raised or textured elements to the design.

Quality Assurance

Sheenland OEM Glass Products Quality Assurance
Sheenland OEM Glass Products Quality Assurance
The company's rigorous testing and control procedures extend to both standard and OEM products, ensuring that all products meet the highest quality benchmarks. With a professional and dedicated design management team overseeing the production process, from design to assembly, Sheenland maintains consistency in delivering quality products that align with client specifications.
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