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Glass Jar For Baby Food

Glass Jar For Baby Food

Our thick glass baby food jars are made of high grade food safe glass, food safe, BPA-free and perfect for babies or infants. LIDS come in a variety of colors and can be customized.

Our 4 oz glass baby food storage box comes with a lid for easy measurement and preparation of the perfect food. The lid can be easily marked with food and date, and is easy to wash off for further use.

Leak-proof – Lid can be locked to keep food fresh for mealtime, snack time, etc! Pack the kids’ favorite lunchtime snack and rest assured it will taste great! No more freezer burning or failure smell!

Dishwasher, microwave and freezer use: Can be refrigerated, can store food in jars and put in the refrigerator to extend shelf life by several weeks. Ordinary glass bottles are made of silicon fired at high temperature and made of high boron Pyrex glass, which has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. As a green glass material, the bottle is crystal clear, feel moist, elegant shape, is a good companion for tea and healthy drinking water.

What are the tips for buying ordinary glass bottles?

1. The material should be pure: if the glass material is not pure, there will be lines, bubbles or sand on the glass drinking utensils. Thick lines can be felt by hand, fine lines can only be seen by holding them up to the light. The bubbles reside deep inside the vitreous and look like small circles from the outside. The operation bubble is more exposed, some such as the fisheye bulge, a gentle poke will be pierced; Some like fruit on the small scar is easy to peel layers. “Sand”, refers to the white granular silica sand embedded in the vitreous body without melting, but also generally refers to other granular impurities.

2, the thickness should be consistent: when selecting, the drink will be observed on the light, if the light perception is consistent, integrated, then the thickness is consistent. When viewed from the outside, the bottom should be level, not a slope or pan; If you flick your fingers on the walls, it should make a pleasant sound.

3, the appearance should be beautiful: that is, the surface should be smooth; Bottle gloss is good; The geometric shape is flat; The cap should not be too loose or too tight, and the shape of the teapot and tea bottle should be coordinated.

Ordinary glass bottles have good chemical stability; Easy to seal, good air tightness, transparent, can be observed from the outside of the dressing; Good storage performance; Smooth surface, easy to disinfect and sterilize; Beautiful shape, rich and colorful decoration; It has a certain mechanical strength and can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation. In many occasions, we can see the use of ordinary glass bottles; In our country, the glass product industry is also making continuous progress and development, creating more beautiful and practical products.

Easy to store, can be covered and stacked, easy to stack or stored in the refrigerator or pantry.

Glass Jar For Baby Food