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What Is The Use Method Of Rubber Dropper

What Is The Use Method Of Rubber Dropper

Plastic head dropper is actually very simple to use, but for people who just contact, or more complex, so what is plastic head dropper?How to use plastic head dropper correctly?There are still some small skills, here and share with you the use of plastic head burette, for your reference, I hope to help you learn.

1. What is a rubber dropper

The rubber head dropper is also known as the rubber cap dropper, which is used for absorbing or dropping a small amount of liquid reagent.The rubber head dropper consists of a rubber cap and a glass tube.There are straight, straight with a buffer ball and bending with a buffer ball and other forms.The specifications of rubber head dropper are expressed by pipe length, which are commonly used as 90 mm and 100 mm.Each drop of rubber head burette is 0.05ml.

What Is The Use Method Of Rubber Dropper

2. Use method of rubber head burette

When clamping: use ring finger and middle finger to clamp at the joint between rubber rubber head and glass tube, not thumb and index finger (or middle finger) to prevent the rubber head from falling off.

Suction: squeeze the rubber head with your thumb and forefinger to drive away the air in the dropper, then insert the glass tip into the reagent solution, release your thumb and forefinger, the liquid is sucked in, and lift the dropper.Do not squeeze the plastic head in the reagent to avoid air contamination and impurities.After the liquid is sucked, the plastic head must be up, not flat, not to make the opening of the glass tip up, so as to avoid corrosion of the plastic head;The dropper should not be placed on the experimental table to avoid staining the dropper.

3. Precautions for the use of rubber head burette

  • Holding method is to clamp the glass part with the middle finger and ring finger to maintain stability, and squeeze the glue head with the thumb and index finger to control the amount of reagent inhalation or dripping.

  • When adding liquid, the rubber head burette should not be extended into the container, let alone contacted with the container.It should be suspended vertically 0.5cm above the container.

  • Do not put it upside down or flat on the table.It should be inserted into a clean bottle or test tube.

  • Rinse with water immediately after use.It is strictly prohibited to absorb another reagent without cleaning.The dropper on the drip bottle does not need cleaning.

  • The rubber cap and the glass dropper should be tightly combined without air leakage. If the rubber cap is aging, it should be replaced in time.

  • When toxic or corrosive liquid is dripped into the test tube, the tip of the drip is allowed to contact the inner wall of the test tube.

  • Rubber head burette is often used together with measuring cylinder.

  • If the drip bottle is equipped with an eyedropper, the eyedropper is for the drip bottle and cannot absorb other liquids.Do not cross use, also do not use clean water to flush.