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What Kind Of Material Does The Seasoning Jar Use? How To Choose And Buy

What Kind Of Material Does The Seasoning Jar Use? How To Choose And Buy

Seasonings are absolutely indispensable in everyday cooking.

Although not eye-catching, but can play a role in color, aroma, taste for the food finishing point.

Although the original packaging appears to be easy to open, in fact, there is concern about damp.Instead, try a handy condiment jar that will look good if the style is similar to the kitchen decor.

The seasoning jar that the market sells chooses numerous, it is a good thing of course to everybody, nevertheless, if pay attention to appearance only and ignore other function, can buy good-looking but not practical product very likely.In view of this, this article will start from the way of buying seasoning jar, let you know what kind of material is good for seasoning jar?How to choose and so on.

Material The Seasoning Jar Use

Material The Seasoning Jar Use

The key points of the seasoning jar

A suitable demand can be selected from the variety of seasoning pot can be said quite exquisite know-how.Without delay, look down together when the purchase needs to pay attention to what place!

Choose the material according to the type of seasoning

There is a wide range of materials available on the market, from plastic to glass, so it is an important factor to consider when choosing a jar.What kind of material does the seasoning jar use? Use the instructions below to choose the right condiment jar.

(1) Plastic system: colorless, taste not heavy seasonings preferred

Light, easy to use and cheap plastic seasoning jar, the most suitable for placing will not give off smell, not easy to fade the color of the seasoning, such as too white powder, pepper powder and other light color and taste of the seasoning.On the contrary, soy sauce or spicy oil and other color deep, heavy flavor seasonings, it is best to avoid to dress up with plastic products.

(2) Pottery: suitable for salt and sugar which are easily affected by moisture

Because pottery has a high moisture absorption, it is ideal for storing salt, which is prone to caking with moisture.Besides salt, seasonings such as flavorings and bonito meal are also suitable for earthenware seasonings because of their ability to remove excess moisture.And sugar or sugar powder besides meeting because be affected with damp caking, if be in too dry environment, sugar crystal also can because lose moisture and sclerosis, and the earthenware seasoning pot that went up glaze can prevent excessive dry or damp, it is the good choice that stores sugar.

(3) glass, enamel: it is recommended to store spices or vinegar

Glass, enamel and other materials because of more acid resistance, and can inhibit the effect of fragrance removal, very suitable for the preservation of strong taste of spicy oil, vinegar.However, these two materials are relatively bulky and easily broken, be sure to handle with care when using.

Choose practical, convenient design

Another important point when choosing a condiment jar is its convenience and practicality.After all, the variety of seasonings is very rich, liquid, powder, paste and so on have their own suitable containers, and don’t forget to pay attention to the design level when choosing.

(1) Leakproof design: suitable for liquid seasoning

If you want to store liquid seasonings, it is recommended to prioritize seasoning jars that are less likely to leak.After all, if the contents spill out of the bottle, they can make the table greasy and become a burden to clean up.Please pay close attention to the shape of the bottle mouth. Choose a product with a specially designed mouth to ensure a clean and convenient use.

For example, in the market, there are styles that require pressing the mouth of the bottle to pour out the liquid after tilting, spray-type bottles and cans, or designs that can not be easily spilled after pouring, etc., which are all suitable for storing liquid flavoring.As to if compare sticky and thick liquid seasoning, the proposal looks to have special bottle.

(2) high airtight: used for powder seasoning

Material The Seasoning Jar Use

Salt, sugar and other powdery seasonings, often easy to be affected by environmental humidity and hardening, agglomeration.To prevent this problem, had better choose moistureproof, prevent excessive dry and sealing the seasoning pot with high sex, resemble the design that comes with silicon apron to wait, can restrain seasoning effectively oxidation and go out of taste.Nevertheless, the product that the part emphasizes sealing sex also may be more difficult switch, use go up not convenient instead, the proposal is priority with single hand the design that can open.