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Square 50ml 100ml Perfume Bottles XLDP-046

Square 50ml 100ml Perfume Bottles XLDP-046

Crafted from transparent glass in a sleek square shape, this elegant perfume bottle exudes sophistication.   With a capacity of 50ml or 100ml, it is perfect for your favorite perfume.

Made from eco-friendly materials, this perfume bottle not only enhances your fragrance collection but also contributes to a sustainable environment.   The transparent glass allows you to admire the beauty of your perfume while the square design adds a touch of modernity to your vanity.

Whether you're a perfume enthusiast or a fragrance connoisseur, our Square 50ml 100ml Perfume Bottle XLDP-046 is a must-have.   It comes with a customer's logo acceptance option, allowing you to personalize it with your signature brand.   The sturdy carton packaging ensures safe delivery, and the option for OEM/ODM makes it customizable to your specific needs.

Square 50ml 100ml Perfume Bottles XLDP-046 Specification

Product Serial NumberXLDP-046
Product GroupingPerfume bottle
Nameperfume bottle
LogoCustomer's Logo Acceptable

How Many Sprays in a 50ml Bottle of Perfume?

The number of sprays in a 50ml bottle of perfume can vary depending on the specific bottle design and the amount dispensed per spray. However, a general estimate can be provided based on common usage.

General Estimate:

  • Average Sprays Per ml: On average, a standard perfume bottle dispenses about 0.1 ml of perfume per spray.

  • Total Sprays Calculation: With 50 ml of perfume, you would get approximately 500 sprays (50 ml / 0.1 ml per spray).

Factors Affecting the Number of Sprays:

  1. Spray Mechanism: The efficiency and design of the atomizer can affect how much perfume is dispensed with each spray.

  2. Spray Pressure: Higher pressure atomizers may dispense a slightly larger amount per spray.

  3. Usage Style: Some people might use shorter or longer sprays, impacting the total number of sprays.

Practical Range:

  • Typical Range: For most standard perfume bottles, a 50ml bottle will provide between 450 to 550 sprays.

  • Usage: Assuming you use 2-3 sprays per application, a 50ml bottle could last for approximately 150 to 250 applications.

On average, you can expect around 500 sprays from a 50ml bottle of perfume, depending on the bottle's spray mechanism and your personal usage habits.

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FAQs of Square 50ml 100ml Perfume Bottles XLDP-046

What are the dimensions of the square 50ml and 100ml perfume bottles?

  • 50ml Bottles: Typically have dimensions of approximately 4-5 cm in width and depth, and 9-10 cm in height.

  • 100ml Bottles: Generally measure around 5-6 cm in width and depth, and 12-14 cm in height.

Are the bottles recyclable?

Yes, glass perfume bottles are recyclable and can be reused multiple times.

The metal or plastic components of the closures may also be recyclable, depending on local recycling facilities.

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